SELLERS December 5, 2023

Sell Your Home Now: Why Listing Before New Year is a Smart Move

Make Your Move Before the New Year: A Strategic Choice for Home Sellers
As the year winds down, you may be contemplating a significant change – selling your house. The question arises: should you list your property now or wait until January? While pausing until after the holidays might seem appealing, there are compelling reasons to act sooner rather than later.

Get One Step Ahead of Other Sellers
In the residential real estate market, the end of the year typically sees fewer listings. The festive season often shifts focus away from real estate transactions. This presents a unique opportunity for you: list your home now and stand out. With fewer houses on the market, your property can capture more attention, potentially leading to a quicker sale.

Connect with Eager Buyers
Despite a recent increase, the housing supply remains limited. While some buyers may postpone their search, others, driven by personal or life changes, remain active. This subset of motivated buyers, facing limited options, are likely to be serious contenders. A winter listing can thus connect you with buyers who are ready and eager to make a move.

Leverage Your Home Equity
Today’s homeowners are sitting on record levels of equity. CoreLogic reports an average equity gain per mortgage holder of nearly $290,000. This substantial equity can significantly contribute towards your next home, possibly covering a large portion of the down payment. Consulting with a real estate agent can help you understand how to utilize this equity effectively in your move.

 Why Wait?
Listing your home before the new year can be strategically advantageous. Less competition, serious buyers, and leveraging equity gains are key benefits that should not be overlooked. Don’t wait for winter to set in. Reach out to a local real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Platinum Properties today to capitalize on these unique market conditions and make your move with confidence.

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